Touch of Humanity



– EWAA: A Shelter for Women and Children

— “Victim of Human Trafficking? STOP GETTING ABUSED, come to EWAA Shelter”
This is the call from EWAA Shelter to all of the victims of human trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Need help?
Call the HOTLINE: 800SAVE

Want to help?
First remote the HOTLINE: 800SAVE

Report any case you come across, and for more details on how to help and be a part of making a difference, to better, kindly visit

Always try to make a difference, it’s never hard to do so, as you can find beauty in the simplest things… Even a genuine smile can make a difference. 

We don’t do this to only make others feel better or to feel good about ourselves, it is also to stop being a machine in a world that needs a real touch of humanity, not machines. We need to stay alive.

“Touch of Humanity” will be there to start spreading the word about different activities that support Human Rights.

If you know any, kindly let me know.