Beautiful Women

To all the beautiful women, this one is for you! 
The Beach Is Not For Your Weight
The beach is not for a certain weight
It is for you, me and everyone. It is an open gate.
“You need to cover those full parts of yours”, she was told.
She complained to me, I laughed and said “this is getting old!”
A man, young or old, swims in shorts with a big belly covered with hair
Nobody, not men, not even women, would care
While a woman, like you, beautifully curved
From letting the water embrace her body, a gentle breeze caress her softness
And the sun kiss her skin
Is scared!
Don’t get me wrong, a man, as always, should look as he wishes and swims without an ugly stare
But a woman, regardless of her size, color, shape or scars,
Has the right, too, to swim without a care
Let’s not lie,
And the ugly truth we try to beautify
A woman is always judged
And with your cold and shallow eye
Her confidence is drugged!
So get up, pretty woman!
And from your beautifully shaped body don’t be ashamed
For we are meant to be different,
Rounded shapes and squared
We come in a small, medium and a large size
And to each there is still a wide range
This is to create a beautiful portrait for the eyes
And we are not supposed to please the “media-thinking” and change!
So woman up!
Whether your size is infinity-X large or infinity-X Small
In love with “you” you should fall
Don’t let them and their meaningless words or shallow looks
Make you lose it all
As to this nature you belong,
The beach, the mountains, the oceans
And the colorful life this mother earth has to give
So embrace this with your body and soul
No matter how they evolve…
For as long as you live!

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