If I were 22

If I were 22
The Body Politics, My Body – By Individual Change We Can Change a Nation
I was going through the status updates for my connections on LinkedIn when I came across an article named “If I were 22”, and when I read that article I came across many more articles under the same name -which was like the new trend. This made me think about what I would write, so I am seizing the chance of this “trend-If I were 22”, and I am combining it with the title “the body politics”, to set my own politics of my own body. To write about what I have learned and what I would have done if I were 22, again.
I am 27 now, so NO I am not that old, but do not underestimate me as I still have my share of thoughts and things that I have learned, and I would like to share them here and now, and to compare them to my list of “things I learned” that I would write 3 years from now, and see if any of these lessons would change, or if it is a life time lesson. Which will stand and evolve, and which will change or fade; only time will tell.
So here we go, from social issues, I will focus here on “individual issues”, which is basically the foundation of social change.
I have learned that respect is above everything, and it should be the same for you too. If we all have this strong understanding of respect, all of our differences will be treated better, we would treat them with respect; which means not necessarily agreeing with the differences but accepting them.
I have learned that honesty is a must; regardless of the situation honesty will only always lead to the better outcome, whether it is the result you are looking for or not, it is still the better one, for the long run.
I have learned that responsibility is a quality to master, as you develop it from within, and with responsibility come all the other great qualities, such as, honesty and respect. With responsibility you will feel the need to have all the rest.
I have learned that there is a difference between being immature and being childish; being childish is cute but being immature isn’t, it is intolerable.
I have learned that being understanding will save you a lot of headaches, because you will sure know how to handle an argument and how to “suck in” the anger of the other person, but it sure does not mean it will save you the heartache. But be it anyway.
I have learned that a smile, can save your day and a stranger’s day. Smiling does not cost anyone anything yet it changes everything, to better. So wake up in the morning, draw a smile on your face, and smile at whoever crosses your path, and watch the difference yourself.
I have learned that being realistic is the best way to live a dream. By this I mean, you can be passionate, fall crazily in love, be ambitious, be wild, and be everything you want to be, but keep a realistic vision and make everything happen.
I have learned that we create our own dancing moves, and yet we can look as good as ever or as crazy as ever, but it does not matter, just DANCE even if alone in the room! And why dance? Because it heals/reduces all emotional pains, it is an escape, it kicks out the negative energy, it kicks away the calories, and it is fun!
I have learned that we need silly, at least 25% of how much we need intellectual.
I have learned that life is about ups and downs, so be realistic and realize that it is okay not to be happy every day, and it is okay to be sad and depressed every now and then, but take this positively, and think about it in a way that this is only to have a better tomorrow, and a step to learning to appreciate the good things more.
I have learned that the more you give, the freer you are. And the more beautiful words you use the better environment you create.
I have learned that being selfish is important at times, and being tough is needed as well. So be tough and be selfish when it concerns your self’s respect, dignity, or even emotions.
I have learned that at times, when overprotecting your emotions you are actually only hurting yourself.
I have learned that before loving to help everyone around, make sure you help yourself first, from there you take it out to the world as everything starts from within. So if we meet people who need help, and we offer our help but it is not working, and if it does not come from their within to accept the help and change, then the only help you can give is letting them go.
I have learned that the first step to letting go is to accept the facts.
I have learned that a person without principles is the most dangerous kind.
I have learned that art is one side of creativity; the other side is to enjoy it.
I have learned that by listening to music I feed my soul, by dancing I free my body, by reading I open my mind to the world, and by writing I free myself.
I have learned that writing is my stage; I get to break all rules, steal my freedom and be the crazy me.
I have learned that I am capable of falling in love every time as if it is the first, and whenever it does not work, it is okay, as we should not fear the next one, we only move on to the next one a bit crazier yet a bit wiser.
I have learned that I don’t have to make sense all the time; things in life don’t always make sense anyway.
I have learned that no matter how clumsy I am it is my cool “trait”. I am not perfect and I don’t have to be.
I have learned that we shouldn’t blame it on life, never. So get up, toughen up, and go grab what is yours to have and stop complaining.
I have learned that socializing is important, we need to sit with all kinds of people, even those we don’t like, those we don’t get along with, those who are out of our “clicks”, and those who are negative at times, who knows, You might figure out something new about yourself you wouldn’t have known from hanging out with the same kind all the time.
I have learned that sometimes you need to block your connection with the entire world, and only be connected to yourself.
I have learned that we are meant to be different. The world is meant to have different views, cultures, religions and beliefs; otherwise we would have nothing to talk/argue about. And people are of different shapes, colors and sizes, because it is better for the eyes, otherwise it will all be the same and it gets boring.
I have learned that good and evil are both parts of being human, but it is on you to choose which part you want to fade and which part you want to live by.
I have learned that peace and war are nothing but sick games bored and evil people created in the names of religions and politics when it is really only about possessing power.
I have learned that only the dead have a steady state of mind.
I have learned that if you keep searching for happiness, you are wasting your time as happiness actually hides in living. Be happy while living; don’t live to reach for happy, just be it.
I have learned that loving, caring, and helping are only given/accepted by the strong ones. Only those who are weak refuse to give/ accept them.
I have learned that you can’t take everything for granted, because we all change, it is part of life, face it.
I have learned that if you have something to say, say it regardless, no matter what the outcome is, it will serve you, eventually.
I have learned that there is a big difference between expectations and hopes; we can’t expect a person to be better, but we can only hope for it. And everything is possible.
I have learned that yes we want to enjoy our time, and even try to work with joy, but c’mon let’s get real here; we should do things we don’t enjoy sometimes, it is part of living.
I have learned that sometimes to be part of life you have to suffer, and to not always choose the easy way.
I have learned that chances don’t always come to you; sometimes you have to create your own.
I have learned that appreciating someone is the best gift you can give them.
I have learned that the most courageous thing you can do is giving in to your feelings while keeping your mind awake.
I have learned that when you think this isn’t your place, this isn’t your job anymore, and this isn’t adding any value to your career/personal growth, then it probably isn’t and won’t! So be courageous, don’t wait for another day and create another “what if”, just quit and start new regardless of what everyone else tells you, make it your choice.
I have learned that having a cause to fight for is a noble and rare thing to have. So be fearless and fight.
I have learned that by being patriotic, I am capable of fighting for a good life.
I have learned that life is a beautiful portrait, admire it. So pause for a little, take a break off of everything, take a deep breath and just relax, we all need it.
I have learned that every moment is a lesson and you should be too smart to let it slip away… Each moment is a new life, improve your old… Each moment is a second chance, take it… Each moment is a new adventure, live it… Each present moment is the future of a past moment, never regret your past.
I have learned much more than what I just shared, but this space is not enough.  However, what I want to add here is, by individual change we can change a nation, by realizing that good is better and accepting it, we create a better world for ourselves and for the next generations, and no, I don’t think this is being too optimistic or too positive, no such thing anyway, but this is being realistic in a world where “people with power” are trying to manipulate you and make you think the only reality is war.
And if I want to talk about the things I would have changed “If I were 22” after stating what I’ve learned, I would say nothing, because I wouldn’t be who I am today. Yes, maybe the lessons would have been different, but I have learned not to regret anything, to take the best out if it and to appreciate who I am today.

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