How to be a Happy Call Center Agent

How to be a Happy  Call Center Agent
 Okay, I know what you are thinking “happy call center agent, yeah right! We are just machines.” But guess what?“YEAH RIGHT!”
 From my experience, yes I thought the same; my ears are hurting, my head is going crazy because of all these voices, my patience level is dropping down because of the attitudes we have to deal with at times, and it gets even worse if you work for a bank and you get to see all people’s profiles showing high salaries, and you go like “DAMNNNN! I’m getting a heart attack!” especially if these people are younger! Your blood pressure hits high and you might even get depressed, but oh well, you get over it! Okay maybe not, it’s not always that easy to let go!
ANYWAY, back to the main point, being happy…
Let’s start… baby steps
Let me just start by setting the environment: look for a healthy environment, I mean it.
 If you are not in a healthy environment, try to create one. You can’t? Then QUIT!
Yes, quit your job if you are in an environment that is so negative for you, if you can’t even create something good out of it, and if it is only pulling you down, quit.
Okay, now I got you wondering on how to create a healthy environment… or how to be positive, which is why we are here on this page.
So I will share some of the tricks I do 😉
First: Waking up
 When going to work, DRESS UP, look nice and feel sexy… looking sexy is always positive 😉
And if you wear professionally, this will definitely put you in the mood 🙂
Second: Greetings
 When you reach your work, make sure you pass by your colleagues starting with the office boy and say good morning, draw a smile on someone’s face, it will help you start your day with a light heart.
Third: When about to take the call
 Try to think of the greeting as a melody, as if you are singing good morning, don’t be too uptight, yet don’t be too loose, just relaxed.
Fourth: During the call
 We all learn to have patience, use it. Be patient with your “patient”, take this as a new thought Dr. Agent 😉
No matter how tough it can get, the more you listen, the more the customer will start to relax. And when you act cooler deep within yourself, the easier the call will flow. (I won’t lie there are times where only escalation works, that’s the reality)
Fifth: Change your mindset
 Yes! It’s about time we play mind games, let’s have some fun:-
1. Every call to be received is a call from a “stranger-friend”, so let’s chat and enjoy!
Okay, probably quality is a concern?
Well, we can still have fun, we will just “socialize professionally”; I will let you figure this one out on your own.
2. Every call is a practice for our interpersonal skills
If you are hungry to learn, and to always improve your personal skills, this could be your key.
As in every call, it’s a new personality that we have to learn to read and to deal with, imagine how good this will do you outside 😉
 Go home, clear your head!
Leave it all behind and start fresh the next day.
So bottom line, eliminate the negativity and create positivity…
And if you can’t, that’s your clue, quit and start something new.
Life is simple, let’s keep it that way 🙂 
And as I always say, happiness is neither an illusion nor an imaginary thought, happiness is a state of mind 🙂
Yours always,
Abeer Allan

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