“Gay Alert”… No Entry!

Gay Alert”… No Entry!
“Gays to be barred from entering Gulf” just like a brick hit my head, so was reading this headline. It broke my heart to read such efforts are put on devices and medical tests to detect people’s sexual orientation in order to decide whether or not to let gays in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). GCC member countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
“We will take stricter measures that will help us detect gays who will be then barred from entering Kuwait or any of the GCC member states” said Yousuf Mindkar, the director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, as quoted from the article “Gays to be barred from entering Gulf” by Habib Toumi Bureau Chief, which was published in gulfnews.com on October 7th 2013.
Like an ugly song which gets stuck in your head sometimes because you don’t want it to, this line was stuck in mine, playing like an ugly melody, endlessly!
This is just outrageous! Shameful! Heart-breaking! Pathetic! Pure ignorance! And the words just won’t stop flowing! And yes these so many exclamation marks are because I’m furious, angry and if you had the chance to see me right now you would know my tone is not a calm one. But then again, why be angry, why be sad? We all know we live in a judgmental societies, societies that got used to one way, and if you go out of the straight way, you are no longer normal, and apparently you are a spreading disease that medical screening tests should be run on you to keep you away from the “normal” human beings, because you are not.
If you have the time and efforts for creating such things, why not create devices to detect rapists, perverts, abusers, “terrorists”, thieves, the corrupted minds, harassers, human-traffickers, prostitution and so on and on and on…?
Or for example, would it be bad to come up with new defense devices to help women, kids or whoever is being abused, to defend themselves? We could call them “detect-danger-devices” maybe?
This has gone against humanity, stepping on privacy, and definitely tightening up people with the choices the society has made for them, in which forcing them to live under a lie, hide, pretend or be stripped of their human rights!
LGBT community is not given its rights, not in the simplest form, to travel, apparently. As if it is not enough the psychological issues most LGBT members go through because of the rejection they face in daily life, within their families, jobs or societies. Now we add a Gaydar, a whole new different meaning from the one we are used to, which was supposed to be a fun term before, now it is just a scary one that might cause a member to be barred from entering some countries.
When will our societies start focusing on more important issues than our sexual orientations, why should my sexual orientation decide for me where I am allowed or not allowed to go?
This story is not a first to make the LGBT community feel insecure, but it sure is the most outrageous! Clubs have been closed before because of the fact they cater LGBT communities, people being judged, pointed at, looked down at, refused to be talked to… and more, only for one reason, they are queers.
On a different note, I wonder if the new medical screening tests, which will be applied starting from November 2013, if they will be run on locals too. I bet most of them would be exiled! Women would definitely be the ones who would survive this and become a majority, if they aren’t already.
Published in BROAD Feminist and Social Justice Magazine / Chicago – Oct 2013, Pages 77-78

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