Stranger in the House…

Stranger in the House…
It’s a strange feeling… Being here yet feeling so strange… Being so disgusted of myself for being away this long –I know it doesn’t make sense to me either!  One year and 9 months were good enough to detach me and make me feel so out of place… Lots of mixed up emotions… Anger … Sadness… all mixed up with the smoke of cigarettes of the bored people who are looking for reasons to have faith and hope for a better life…
I look around me and I can’t recognize who is the stranger anymore… Is it the people… The occupier… Or is it really me?!
I look around me and I see that the occupier has stained the place with all of their dirty acts!
I look around me and I wonder ” am I home?!”
But then I think to myself… This is what’s left of a place called home…
On a random note; right now in front of me 7 signs for 7 different places… And only ONE among these SEVEN signs shows a direction of a Palestinian name… The rest are just signs in the occupier’s language for occupied Palestinian places… And this is just one crossroad!!! Our language, places, and names, occupied.
But this is where I live… despite of the “occupied names”… This is where I come from… despite of the deformed map
This is Home… 
This is Palestine…

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