Hello Beautiful…

Have a Beautiful Day J
“Welcome… Welcome” the old man said with a smile drawn upon his face, welcoming us to his small restaurant. On our way out another smile and another welcoming line, then he asked my friend about her lucky number; “nine.” she said with excitement, so he gave her a small billiard ball numbered 9, and then he asked me about my lucky number. “I honestly don’t have a lucky number but I will go with 6” I told him with a hesitant voice. “But you’re always smiling, I can tell.” he told me and I nodded agreeing, so he gave me a big yellow smiley face, my favorite. What he didn’t really know was that the way he welcomed us, and how he smiled at us genuinely was the reason behind my smiley face, his welcomes weren’t for marketing, and you could sense the innocence in his talk.
You walk down the street meeting strangers every day, or just passing by them and barely noticing them, each has their own story and each coming from a different background. How about one day saying hello to one of these strangers, how about a sweet smile here and there every once in a while, you will be amazed by the results. This smile can make a kid’s day, it may be a reason for someone to feel better that day and yet it will give you a great feeling of how beautiful this life can be. This might sound cliché but it is true.
How many times was a stranger’s genuine smile the reason we felt good that day? Have you ever paid attention to these small matters; hello beautiful, how are you, good morning and goodnight?
Go out today, walk around and spread your smiles around, let us contribute into living in a more positive-attitude society, let us all be part of a “Beautiful Day”…

Have a Beautiful Day J

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