Social Media


Social Media… The new café?
Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms seem to be the new trend in the real social life, people spend hours posting updates about their current mood and status, checking/stalking others’ profiles or even just chatting online hoping to get a phone number before logging out.

I’m just wondering if the social media is taking over and replacing the real gatherings and meetings nowadays. Are Facebook and Twitter the new cafes where people meet for a chat or a quick hello? I personally get in my inbox many invitations to different events – and I’m sure most of us receive the same. At first it used to feel weird and kind of creepy, but now it’s just funny and acceptable.
The thing is, what if we all start to actually accept this whole idea of meeting strangers like that, if we talk about it and make it sound fun and safe, and spread the idea among everyone, is this alright, trying to slowly kill the face-to-face communications?
What about the real social life? People seem to be putting more effort on chatting with people online than to in fact go out there and have a real live conversation. This is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of communication skills, and with time you will just forget how it’s like to interact in real life. I’m saying this from a personal experience, I was once sitting with a friend, we were having our morning coffee but she was having Facebook on the other hand. I asked her to leave it many times and just focus on our talk but she couldn’t.  So eventually I gave up and logged in myself, and ironically we started commenting back and forth on some post till we ended up having a funny “online” chat, the LOL was in fact out loud but the chatting was just typing.
And now that I’m on a vacation in Palestine, I did not apply for internet in my house, and I’m definitely not applying for blackberry service. I feel like I’m on a break from all of these networking platforms. I’m just keeping my networking limited to social gatherings instead of social media. And let me tell you something; I like this status! J
September 16, 2012

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