Most women are being targeted and mistreated by most men in most countries, and no I’m not exaggerating here nor generalizing this common situation. Women are being treated as weak creatures, and I’m only focusing here about one main thing, that is, rape.
Yes, that non-stopping act by animals, excuse me animals -I don’t think you can act like that- so let me rephrase that; it’s the crime that is committed by the most ignorant, heartless and weakest creatures who surrender to their desires. Anything taken from a girl against her own well is rape; even a kiss by force is rape, so imagine every act that exceeds that! This is beyond what the body and soul can take.
A woman who is being put in such place needs no sympathy, needs no words of comfort, what she truly needs is to be understood,and a shoulder to cry on, assuring them that the world can be good again. And yes, they do want those criminals to be punished, and their punishment shouldn’t be easy, they should feel weak, powerless, and being taken advantage of.
Girls shouldn’t be raised like they’re living in a safe world and that guys may be bad so “be careful”. No, this is not how it goes, girls should be treated like human beings, which is what we are, and be taught that everyone is after them, and not only that they need to be protected by family and friends, but they should be taught to be strong and fight for themselves because when they’re put in such a situation, family and friends will do them no good, it’s only their mind and physical strength that will help them defend their soul.
So for all the girls out there – who were mistreated, are being mistreated, or still safe- you should all learn how to fight for yourself, because at the end of the day, no one will protect you but you…
There are so many girls who are being mistreated, and yet they do nothing about it. Well, guess what? You don’t have to be quiet about it anymore, fight for yourself, because whoever is doing you wrong is a worthless piece of trash. So screw society, screw what people think, and screw everything else but your free soul.
 We, all girls, are human beings with rights, we have the right to live in a safe environment just as men walk down the street with no fear of being raped by the next woman who looks at them, human beings with feelings, in which men should be raised in a society that acknowledges that, takes it into consideration and makes sure men treat women as humans not objects. We should live in a society that fights against sexual harassment. A society that makes it OK for women to speak out and demand for their rights.
Women are sent from up above to give beauty to this world. Sent in different shapes and colors to make this world a beautiful colorful portrait, we are not only the rainbow in this portrait, we are the rain, the sun, the moon, the breath-taking nature, the heart of giving, the soul of hope, the reason there’s still good in this world, we add life to desert… We are what keeps this life going…
Sept. 10th 2012
Published in BROAD Feminist and Social Justice Magazine / Chicago – January 2013

2 thoughts on “Rape

  1. lovee with wat u wrote am seriosuly amazedd and the best part u wrote was anything taken from a girl against her in her own is rape keep it up best writer everr waiting to hear more from u


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