DJ Ghadz, aka Ghada Kojok, has always found passion and inspiration in music. She first became interested in electronic music when she started working for a producer in Lebanon. “I liked the work, started taking courses, and I picked it up. Then I had to move to Kuwait, where I started practicing on my own. I got a proper set and started doing my own thing, playing at private parties. It was a very good experience as I met a lot of local DJs.”

After moving to Dubai, it didn’t take her long to find work in her new environment. “I auditioned for the people at Submarine Club and they liked my work. This is how it all started. I worked there for a while, and then I started working at Sublime [Club], which is where I’m working now as a resident DJ on Fridays and Tuesdays.”

Men, especially in Dubai, often play the role of the DJ, so I had to wonder if Ghadz found it difficult to break into the scene. “On the contrary,” she said. “I receive a lot of offers to work in different places mainly because I’m a female.” “People are digging this,” she continued. “And what helped me as well is the kind of music I play and what I do when I’m playing. I usually play commercial music because this is what most people like dancing to. You always have to keep in mind that you’re playing for people to enjoy their evening. That’s why their taste trumps yours. But if you listen to my music, it’s different. I like to mix house, trance and different genres of music. People here accepted me as a female DJ and they are being really supportive.”

She has received so much support, in fact, that she is now working on recording her own album. Still, it is a competitive industry, so Ghadz has been working on ways to develop her own style and personality. “There are a lot of talented DJs, but from my personal view, it’s not just about music, it’s about how you deliver it. It’s amazing how people react to it. I play music then put the volume down and everyone will be singing along. It’s very important to always be involved with people and interact with them. I love doing that. It just gets me so excited to the extent where I turn my back to the audience and start dancing against the wall; I swim deep into the music and start dancing. I firmly believe if you’re a natural, it will just happen. You shouldn’t try too hard; it should just hit you. Like I could be at work, listening to the radio or iTunes and start mixing the music just to keep it fresh and up-to-date.”

Even if things change in the near future, it seems that this music lover has found her calling. “I believe in doing something you love for a living, and I love this job. If I’m not doing this job, I don’t know what else I’d be doing. But I’m a creative person and I can’t stick to one thing. That’s why I’m planning to get a degree in music production, to learn all about music from professionals, because no matter how much you know there  is always more. So if I had to choose, it will definitely be music and everybody knows that. “I have always been passionate about music, but I never thought that being a DJ would be a career. However, with my family’s support and with mom always believing in me, I realized, yeah why not? And she is my biggest fan now.”

Published in Oasis Living Magazine – Sept. 2012



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