Oh Her Smile…

Oh Her Smile…
I must say
You had me at hello…
Ever since that day
Your smile got me looking for reasons
To see you once more…
I never felt like this before
So certain… yet so unsure…
Missing you is making me act like a fool
I may be saying shattered words
I may not be making sense at all…
But it’s your smile… your sweetness
That made me lose it all
Excuse me if I sound so head over heels
But it’s your smile
That turned everything and flipped the wheels…
And oh your eyes!
I could swim till forever in those hazel eyes
Where million stories… lie behind
Those hazel eyes that unlocked my heart
And put down my guard
I meant every word I said… So I’m calling you out
I’m in… I’m giving it my all…
But I can’t keep singing like this…
And this is my last call…


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